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Location of the Hunting Farm in Namibia. Oryx are one of many big game species hunted in Namibia.

Namibia provides some of the widest variety of indigenous big game species in all of Africa and is one of the best locations on the continent for plains game hunting on the continent. Namibian Safari Hunts provides outstanding hunting opportunities on over 101,000 acres of prime habitat containing excellent trophy quality animals. Each hunt is specifically tailored for the fitness level, hunting experience, and personal tastes of each individual hunter. With these great hunting opportunities, we are the ideal destination for hunters on their first trip to Africa as well as those who are veterans of many African safaris.

Our hunting areas are located in northwest Namibia, not far from the legendary Etosha National Park and the Waterburg game reserve. This part of the country has outstanding African plains game trophy hunting land with some of the largest free ranging herds of eland in all of Africa. In addition to eland, kudu, oryx, warthog, and hartebeest are all very popular species for hunting here. All told, 22 different species of game are available for trophy hunting on our land.

Historically, over 70% of the trophies taken by our clients have qualified for the Safari Club International Record Book. We currently have one animal in the Top 10: a Brown Hyena taken in 2006 that ranks #6 overall for the species.

Your host, Dirk Smit, is a lifetime resident of Namibia and a NAPHA qualified Master Hunting Guide licensed and qualified to guide rifle, bow, and muzzleloader hunts.

Our primary hunting area is privately owned and located 12 miles north of the famous Waterburg game reserve in northern Namibia. The main hunting areas are NOT high fenced, thus allowing us to offer some of the best free range African plains trophy hunting, at reasonable rates and very competitive trophy fees.

In addition to plains game hunts in Namibia, we also can book hunts for both dangerous and plains game in Zimbabwe. We have access to several parcels of both private and Campfire land in southeastern Zimbabwe that offer fantastic hunting for Cape buffalo, leopard, and elephant in addition to plains game. The hunting areas are located just across the Limpopo River from Kruger National Park in South Africa. As a result, every year hunters harvest outstanding buffalo and elephant trophies with us.

A very satisfied hunter with his Kudu trophy. Warthog at the Hunting Farm in Namibia.